Lung Cleanse – Methods to Flush Cigarette Tar

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Undertaking a lung cleanse could be the best thing you could decide to do for you health ever if you have been a smoker, or still smoke right now. This habit has cost your lung health dearly as each puff of a cigarette coats the insides of your lungs with black, sticky tar and toxic substances that cause chronic bronchitis, emphysema and of course – lung cancer.

There are methods that you can use to start to flush these toxins – and the tar that traps them inside of your lungs – out of the body. This is essential if you want to breathe easier and avoid many lung diseases and health complications in the future.

Quit Smoking

Do not think that you can cleanse your lungs and keep smoking. This is like emptying a bath with a bucket while the tap is still on … totally pointless. Also, if you are still under the effects of nicotine addiction then your motivation to cleanse your lungs is likely to wane very quickly. You must end your cigarette addiction before you get into a full and proper lung detox.

Lung Exercises

An easy way to begin strengthening your lungs and forcing some of that tar out of the airways is to do lung exercises. Along with general cardio workouts, working the lungs with deep breathing exercises, lung capacity exercises, and so forth will help to dislodge tar. This is vital to getting large gobs of tar out of your bronchial tubes and will take many toxins with it.

Avoid Dairy Products

Dairy products have an effect on your body that makes it produce more mucus. Mucus is what combined with the stuff you inhale from cigarettes to create this sticky tar so more mucus clogs your airways and makes it harder to remove. If you lessen the amount of dairy products, and even eat foods that liquefy mucus (chili, other spicy vegetables and spices) you can start to thin out the tar and poisons in the lungs.

Lung Cleansing Vitamins

There is a specific vitamin that is a god-send to the lung cleansing regime. Taken at the right doses, and at the right times, it will help your body to purge the impurities and toxins from your lungs. In fact, the right doses of this vitamin will even help you overcome nicotine cravings!

For more information on lung cleansing, click below to find out the exact details on how to get pink, healthy lungs once more, and stop you from becoming another lung cancer notch in the public health record.

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