The Lungs After Smoking Cessation – What You Need to Know

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Many smokers who finally manage to end their smoking addiction quickly become disillusioned because they feel their lungs after smoking cessation still feel awful and their breathing and overall health have not greatly improved. Many then fall back into the smoking habit, using the poor excuse that they have already done so much harm to their bodies already, why stop now?

This is of course ridiculous as it will only make things worse that they currently are. To give you an idea of what your lungs do face due to smoking, here is a sobering list.

Tar – This sticky mixture that comes from cigarettes is a major problem for your lungs. It coats the inside of your airways and also seeps into the lung tissue itself. It irritates the lungs, traps in poisons form cigarettes and can cause scarring as well. It is very hard to remove.

Toxins – Cigarettes contain over 6000 chemicals that are dangerous to the human body. Among them are poisons used to kill rats for one, and many that are known carcinogens (they cause cancer). These toxins stay in your lungs and get into your bloodstream, going all over the body. They are sheltered from your natural detox systems by the tar present in your lungs as well.

Emphysema – This condition is caused by a combination of heat and chemicals when you inhale cigarette smoke. The alveoli – which are tiny air sacs right at the end of the lung “tree” – are destroyed by this combination, never to be repaired. This inhibits the vital function of putting oxygen into the bloodstream and taking our carbon dioxide. If you lose too many of these air sacs you will find it very difficult to breath and nothing can heal this!

Bronchitis – This is a condition caused by irritation of the bronchial tubes in the lungs. Tar and toxins have irritated the tubes, this causes inflammation and sometimes irreversible scarring. The result is an uncontrollable cough and often a coughing up of fluids. Chronic bronchitis is where this happens all the time thanks to your smoking habit.

Infections – The chemicals in cigarettes can linger in your throat and lungs for a long, long time. Trapped by the tar and mucus they can often cause infections which can be irritating, painful and sometimes even incapacitating! Your lungs, throat and all parts of the pulmonary system can be affected by this.

Cancer – The big one. Cancer is not certain for all smokers but your chances are massively increased compared to non-smokers. The tar and the poisons from cigarettes all conspire together to increase this risk every single day even after you have stopped smoking.

This is not all bad news though, as all these lung diseases and problems in your body can be stopped. You need to firstly make sure you have quit smoking, and then get on a lung detoxification program that can begin to cleanse your lungs of all the tar and toxins that cause these health issues! Without doing a lung detox it can take several years to get your lungs healthy again compared with just a few weeks or months with a lung cleanse!

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