At Home Remedies for Lung Disease Smokers Take Note

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Lung disease comes in many shapes and sizes. Smokers are also massively more likely to develop lung disease because of the tar that clogs their airways, and the toxic chemicals from cigarettes that are trapped in the lungs by this sticky, black tar. As such, knowing some good at home remedies for lung disease will help you overcome the problems when they arise – and hopefully will stop you developing more if you stick with them!

Chronic Bronchitis

Bronchitis is a nasty condition caused by inflammation of the bronchial tubes in your lungs. These tubs become inflamed when they are irritated by the tar and the toxic substances that they are infused with. The bronchial tubes swell and you begin to cough often and sometimes uncontrollably. You may also start to cough up sputum form the lungs as you try to get rid of the tar.

One way to help overcome bronchitis is to loosen up the tar and mucus in the lungs to help expel the sticky mass faster in an effort to calm down the swelling. This can be done by taking a steamy shower, or putting your heat over a bowl of steaming water. Another very helpful tip is to eat spicy foods such as chili and curries which are known to help liquefy mucus making it easier to cough up and remove.

Throat Infections

Your throat can be a breeding ground for viruses and other infections as your body’s immune system is lowered as it tries to fight against the tar and other toxins put into your body from smoking. It is also lacking its main defenses which are tiny hairs that gradually move tar and particles up and out of the throat where they can be expelled by coughing and no longer cause harm. These hairs have been destroyed by the tar and smoke you have inhaled over time, but can be regenerated once you stop smoking, and begin a lung detox.

To combat this you must boost your immune system and also keep your throat healthy. Drink a lot more water to wash the throat of as much of the cigarette leftovers as you can. You must also undertake a lifestyle change to promote better internal health. Exercise, healthy foods and a healthy state of mind are just a start. This will also help to cleanse your lungs.

Lung Cancer

We all know about lung cancer and how deadly it is. If you already have it, well, you are in the hands of medical professionals and home remedies cannot help you much. There are, however, ways that you can use to avoid GETTING lung cancer which is what you should be focusing on!

To avoid lung cancer and all other lung disease you need to undertake a complete lung detoxification regime. This is a multifaceted attack to improve the horrific state your lungs are in due to cigarette smoking. To find out more on how to achieve this lung cleanse in just a few weeks or months compared to the years it would take for your body to naturally heal, click below.

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